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Pioneering Spirit

Looking around FISK’s hometown of Harrogate with its Georgian buildings, elegant Montpellier Quarter and the restored Turkish Baths, it’s hard to imagine that it once lived in the shadow of its near neighbour Knaresborough.

The man who changed the town’s fortunes was solider and politician Sir William Slingsby, who is said to be the first person to note that water’s from the Tewit Well mineral spring had similar properties to that found in Spa in Belgium. A new spa town was born that was soon providing restoration for Georgian and Victorian high society.

Slingsby’s pioneering spirit is exemplified throughout Harrogate, but perhaps nowhere more so than at boutique distillers Slinsgby.

Using local spa water and botanicals, the company’s main pour is its London Gin, that stands out thanks to its clear notes of grapefruit and jasmine blossom, as well as its now iconic blue bottle, themed on those found in Victorian apothecaries.

For another distinctly Yorkshire twist, sample Slingsby’s Rhubarb gin, infused with the finest hand-grown Yorkshire rhubarb. Originally a limited-edition offering, it became so popular, it is now a brand staple.

Prefer a cleaner spirit? Slingsby also crafts an excellent pure grain vodka.